Welcome to Mildred Transit Corporation.


Our Mission Statement:

Mildred Transit Corporation’s mission is to provide affordable roundtrip transportation to select prisons for visitation. In doing so,

M.T. C. will meet customer’s expectation of:

  1. High quality point to point service.
  2. Best in first class comfort and service.
  3. Individual and company accountability
  4. Competitive rates.
  5. Establishing family ties and a support system for customers.
  6. Provide remarkable customer care.
  7. Deliver more than promised.

Our Value Statements:

Mildred Transit Corporation is dedicated to the following values:

  1. Satisfying customers.
  2. Maintaining long term relationships.
  3. Provide safe, high quality transportation.
  4. Promote customer/employee safety.
  5. To be consistent and reliable.
  6. Protect the community.
  7. Epitomizing integrity.
  8. Criminal background checks on all employees.
  9. Random drug and alcohol tests on every employee.

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